Frequent questions

Do you have any discount coupons on the site?

Yes! When you sign up for our newsletter you receive a 5% discount coupon to be used on your first purchase!

It is only valid once per customer!

My purchase has not arrived or is delayed, what do I do?

Get in touch with us at with the order number and we'll check what happened and let you know!

I filled in my address incorrectly, now what?

In case the order has not been sent, just send an email to stating the right address and we will correct it before sending the order.

How soon do you answer emails and messages through other channels?

We try to be as agile as possible, whether via email or social media.

Our customer service hours are Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm! 

But remember, we also sleep, and we try to rest on holidays and some weekends!

So, be patient and we will answer you as soon as possible!

How do I know what my size is?

Each product has a specific measurement table, which is on the product's page. In the description we always inform the height and weight of the model wearing the piece, to get an idea of the proportion.

And to know how to measure our pieces, take a piece of yours that is similar to the one you want to buy, a tape measure or a ruler and access this link.

How and where are the pieces made?

We create and develop all our pieces, from the conception of the idea to the end of production.

Our production is all national, both raw material and labor.

A little more here

Do you custom make clothes or do you alter the clothes already made?

Unfortunately we don't. We develop the models, the pilot pieces, we choose the fabrics and all trims and send the pieces for production.

After they arrive from production, we are unable to change anything in the pieces, such as removing embroidery, sewing a different patch, etc.

How do I know when replacements and news pieces will arrive in stock?

We announce news and changes through our newsletter, and also on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you sign up for the newsletter you still get a 5% discount on a purchase on the site!

You can also register on the product page to receive an email when the product returns to stock.

Do your pieces fit men and women?

Most pieces are designed for men and women, so it's easy to share a piece with your partner, brother/sister, friend and so on.